Digital Literacy Use Examples


Each use case example comprises a real-life scenario in which people use digital technology to address authentic everyday workplace and/or personal/community needs. The links below show examples of digital literacy use case scenarios. The examples are listed in a progression from a simple set of competences and adequate proficiency to a more sophisticated set of competences and adequate proficiency. The text in bold in each use case is the template text for collecting information about the example.

Agriculture sector examples

  1. A farmer in India makes better farming and trading decisions using a mobile phone service.
  2. A farmer in Uganda conveniently buys and sells product through a smart phone app.
  3. A farmer makes a data-driven irrigation system through Arduino
  4. Using drones to monitor farmland and conduct “precision farming”

e-Government sector examples

  1. An entrepreneur registers for a Dubai MyID single sign-on to access required government online services to do business
  2. A supplier submits a bid through the Government of Mauritius e-Procurement System